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Diseaseless Program - Apple Diet For Weight Loss

Apple diet for 6 days - Six-day apple diet offers a day use no more than 675 calories and eliminates a week from 7 kg of weight.


•    The first and sixth days: a day should eat a kilo of apples, from beverages: tea, sparkling mineral water (without limitation).

•    The second and fifth days: a day to eat three pounds of apples in the same way.

•    The third and fourth days: eat 2 kg of apples, which in this case can be baked with no added sugar or eaten raw.

Since hold six days on some apples very difficult diet allows a day to eat a small amount of rye bread. For More Read this By Diseaseless Program - Ken Drew

Eating raw apples, you can face the problem of flatulence. To avoid this, the fruit should be baked in the oven. Baked apples are not less useful than fresh.

Apple diet for 5 days - Apple diet, suitable for 5 days, not so strict and hard limit does not include food. The principle of it is low-calorie food products and apples.

Menu: First, third, fifth days:

•    Breakfast: cottage cheese (100 g) + fresh green apple;
•    Brunch: rye crackers + apple baked in the oven;
•    Lunch: fish (lean, 100 g) + fruit salad with orange and apple;
•    Snack: cottage cheese (yogurt, and 100 g) + fresh apple;
•    Dinner: 2 apples + hard cheese (slice).

Fourth and second day:

•    Breakfast: 100 g cooked in water cereals (muesli) + apple;
•    Lunch: salad of apples and carrots (grate the ingredients and mix);
•    Dinner: A piece of lean meat + apple;
•    Snack: cottage cheese (yogurt, 100 g);
•    Dinner: apples in unlimited quantities as desired.

During the diet recommended drinking herbal teas, stewed fruit, juices, water, and green tea. Visit for More Information About us by Ken Drew & Dr. Patel

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